Our New Principal Brings a New Beginning


As the newly-appointed Principal of Maharishi School in 2016, I would like to welcome you and thank you for visiting our school’s website.

Our school went through a particularly difficult period in 2015 and we have worked hard to address a range of matters raised within the school community at that time. We are committed to continue our regeneration under the newly-developed Action Plan that focuses on addressing all areas of operations that define a great school.

I have come to the school with over 30 years of experience in the education sector. I began my career as a primary school teacher and my experience has essentially been focused in this area, although throughout my career I have been grateful to experience both teaching and principal positions in primary, secondary and ELC-Year 12 schools in both the government and independent sectors. I have also worked in the tertiary sector with students studying their Bachelor of Education (Primary and Early Childhood).

I expect that you have visited our school’s website because you are curious about what our school represents and what it would provide to your children.

Let me tell you why I believe Maharishi School stands apart from other schools in Melbourne.

As an Independent School, Maharishi School was established in 1997 with a point of difference to other schools. The emergence of our school as a “school of choice” for many families is based on the philosophy under which the school was founded 20 years ago; a philosophy that I share and which has been strongly reinforced over my career as a teacher and principal for the value it brings to children.

We believe that an environment that promotes a strong foundation of values, resilience, initiative, self-confidence and assurance, happiness and harmony, successfully contribute to the holistic development of the child. After all, success in life should be measured by the person you become; the ability and preparedness you have to contribute to a global society through your integrity, compassion and respect for those around you.

To achieve these aims, we don’t focus on the “what” but the “how and why”. Our teaching and learning programs explore the depth and meaning in learning, constantly challenging our students and giving them purposefulness in whatever they do.

Maharishi School values quality in every aspect of the teaching and learning process – in the classroom, in the physical environment and in the relationships between all members of the school community.

Students are encouraged to take time: time to learn, time to appreciate quality, time to be children. In this environment, every student is capable of thriving and reaching their uncapped potential.

We look forward to welcoming you to our school.

With kind regards,

Steve Charisis


The environment at Maharishi School is supportive, peaceful, dynamic and engaging. Each school day begins with Transcendental Meditation...



Maharishi School welcomes all families to call and book a personalised tour to see the School in action. These tours run in the mornings and take approximately 45 minutes



The environment at Maharishi School is supportive, peaceful, dynamic and engaging. Each school day begins with Transcendental Meditation...


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