Transcendental Meditation®

Transcendental Meditation which is taught in Melbourne and Worldwide is a simple, natural program that is easily and systematically learned by anyone of any age, education, religion, or background. Over 30 years of use in education, more than 700 scientific research studies performed at 250 universities in 30 countries over the past 35 years, and the personal experience of over four million people worldwide demonstrate that the Transcendental Meditation program greatly benefits mind, body and behaviour. Scientific findings relevant to education include:


Academic achievements
Intelligence and creativity
Memory and learning ability
Concentration and ability to focus
Self-esteem and self-concept
Moral reasoning ability, social behaviour
Relationships between students & teachers


Coherence of brain functioning
Energy and alertness
Happiness and self-confidence


Stress and anxiety

Children’s TM (5-9 Years)

The daily practice of this technique enhances the physiological and psychological development of young children. It strengthens their nervous system, develops greater orderliness and coherence in their thinking and behaviour, and enhances their ability to focus attention.

Children who regularly practise this technique are observed by teachers and researchers to be more flexible, happy, harmonious, and self-confident. Culturing and strengthening every aspect of the child’s functioning in this way prepares them for direct experience of the field of pure creative intelligence when they begin the practice of TM at the age of 10 years.

TM (10 Years Onwards)

Each school day at Maharishi School in Melbourne begins and ends with group practice of Transcendental Meditation. This daily practice provides a perfect foundation for education: development of the students’ own consciousness. With this growth of pure wakefulness, creative genius blossoms, and intelligence and organizing power become naturally strong. For education to be complete, it must include development of consciousness.
With the practice of TM in the classrooms, an environment is created that is ideal for the learning process. The students gain a natural orderliness and coherence; they become more receptive to knowledge; they exhibit greater alertness; and they radiate bliss and friendliness to their classmates and their teachers.